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VIDEO: Pizza and Politics: Election Series Looks at the Supreme Court: IN THIS VIDEO:  – Professor Erin Daly asked Professor Ray and Professor Lipkin what questions they would ask a Supreme Court nominee if they were on the Judiciary Committee. Professor Ray responded, “Which Supreme Court Justice or Justices do you admire?” Professor Lipkin answered that he would ask the candidate about his or her political philosophy.

AUDIO: Professor Robert Lipkin addressed members of the faculty and staff on the subject of judicial activism on Monday February 11th. The engaging talk sparked a number of questions from the audience that lead to interesting debates.

VIDEO: Professor Robert Lipkin’s opening Remarks at the 2008 MLK celebration : The celebration included a panel discussion that explored how King might have responded to the 2006 Jena Six incident in Louisiana. Panelists also used the forum to encourage law students in the audience of more than 100 to use their careers to further King’s dream.