B Movies – A Primer


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If there is a movie, a B movie will appear. Traditionally low-budget, unpublished B-movies are usually genre movies (sci-fi, western, horror, etc.) with little or no actors. Not well known, usually made by small producers. Professional research and deployment on the assembly line. .


Despite their subtle features, the first B movie was very popular, profitable and made its own set of stars, unlike the main actors at the time. They also provided tickets to Hollywood for many European directors. In the golden age, one night of a movie theater usually includes news broadcasts, a series of episodes (such as Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers), several cartoons and a double feature film B and feature films. Main: “A movie.” B movie is the first film and has always been considered the least important film.


In the 1930s, the main film type B was the West. In the 1940s, gangster movies and black movies became popular. In the 1950s, with rock music, cold war and adolescence as the rise of social power, B movies broke out in many fields: rock movieshttps://couchtuner.name/best-genres, juvenile offenders and melodrama. Hot rod, science fiction. / Horror film with the meaning of red panic and foreign films dubbed in English (for example, Godzilla, Japan, Hercules, Italy).


The 1960s film appeared Hammer Films from the UK, with Frankie and Annette and his company, Elvis’s film (while the world’s most famous singer starring “Beach Movie” low quality The production), Russ Meyer’s beauty and many of Roger Coleman’s low budget masterpieces. In addition, the radical social changes of the 1960s were reflected in the B films before the early “legitimate” films. Of course, the most famous example is the Easy Rider.


Thanks to Herschell Gordon Lewis, the relaxation of moral attitudes in the 1960s also contributed to the birth of the first blood film. Although Lewis made a great contribution to B-movies, his most influential film was Blood Feast, the first truly splashing movie. Although adjusted according to current standards, it was considered very disturbing at the time. Movies like this and his movie Color Me Blood Red have opened up the current fashion “porn torture” movies, such as the Saw and Hostel series.


Although the farm’s seeds were planted in the 1960s, they were certainly implemented at the factory site in the 1970s. Martial arts movies are the biggest favourites in factories across the country. Produced by Hong Kong, these films are usually produced by the legendary Shaw Brothers Studios and dubbed in English before the release of the United States. These films are starred by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and have spawned a growing subculture.


The decade of the 1970s also witnessed the birth of the midnight movie phenomenon. Compared to the night performances of El Topo or Rocky Horror Picture Show, counterculture has become a unique pleasure. At that time, all the gloves were outside. In fact, all the taboos are fair games: sexual exploitation, sexual exploitation, and women’s imprisonment, perhaps the most influential and best horror described by Tobe Hooper for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


All of this leads us to the decade of the 1980s, the realization of low-budget horror films. The success of the Texas Massacre and Halloween, made at a low price in the 1970s, was developed in the series of evil deaths and others on Friday, 13th. The terrorist incident really broke out in the 80s. Good resources for online horror movies, such as fatally-yours.com and theronneel.com. Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Pictures have been one of the main strengths of B-rated movies during this decade. Founded by Kaufman in 1974, Troma took a step towards the films of Surf Nazis Must Die and The Toxic Avenger in the 1980s.


In the 1990s, with the death of Grindhouse and the rise of cable TV, B-film lost their cinema, but managed to survive due to the national video revolution. What he has shown in the factory is now on the shelves of his local Blockbuster. The direct production of video has flourished, mainly including cheap action movies and erotic thrillers.


The rise of the digital age has made Movie B live DVD movies, which are usually sequels to major filmmakers such as Disney. The current average price of the movie is between $50 million and $70 million. With the advancement of digital technology, the cost of a movie is only a fraction of the cost, making low-budget movies a “too bad” proposition for any film studio that pays attention to the results of its film studios.