Harvard Professor Mark Tushnet Remembers Robert “Bobby” Lipkin, 2010

Written by webmaster on November 30th, 2010


“Good afternoon. I’m pleased to be able to participate through the wonders of modern technology in this celebration of the life and work of Bobby Lipkin.”

“I know Bobby – knew Bobby – through his work initially and then by meeting him at a number of conferences and other semi-social occasions.”

“I found his work on dedicated and deliberative cultures extremely valuable in thinking about issues of multiculturalism in the modern U.S. Constitution and elsewhere, and I always enjoyed reading what he was producing, but as you will know from your experience, Bobby was a lot more than a scholar. He was a wonderful person to be with. Again, meeting him at conferences and outside conferences, I was always impressed with his combination of intense seriousness, openness to discussion, and modesty about what he was bringing to the table – always more than he was willing to acknowledge. It’s a great combination that you don’t find in many scholars these days.”

“It is of course quite sad that we have to talk about Bobby’s work as a closed body of scholarship, but what he gave to us – and to you at the law school even more than the general scholarly community will remain with us as something to be emulated by all of us.”

“Again, I wish I could be with you today to celebrate Bobby, but I hope that this is a sufficient to indicate how highly I regarded him and how serious I think his loss is.”

[Tribute was part of A Celebration of Scholarship with the Presentation of The Widener Law Review Special Edition in honor of Robert J. Lipkin took place on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at noon in the Barrister’s Club.]


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