Professor Jim Chen Remembers Robert “Bobby” Lipkin, 2010

Written by webmaster on November 30th, 2010


“I appreciate this opportunity to pay tribute to Bobby Lipkin. I do wish that I could attend the ceremony in person. Then again, it is appropriate in a sense that I’m tipping my hat to Bobby Lipkin, cyber star, through an online video.”

“Toward the end of a career that was cut tragically short, Bobby had emerged as a leading figure in the online transmission of legal wisdom to audiences that only the Internet could reach. As a contributor to Ratio Juris and especially as the founder of his own blog, Essentially Contested America, Bobby delivered his views on constitutional law to a new and hungry audience.”

“Of course, before becoming a blogger Bobby had already established himself in the world of traditional legal scholarship, but Essentially Contested America freed him from the slow cycles of law review publishing. It allowed him to be more immediate and more relevant. He combined the immediacy of online media with the sophistication of a constitutional law scholar at the top of his craft.”

[Tribute was part of A Celebration of Scholarship with the Presentation of The Widener Law Review Special Edition in honor of Robert J. Lipkin took place on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at noon in the Barrister’s Club.]


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