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Written by admin on February 22nd, 2010

Bobby LipkinI am not Bobby Lipkin. I am his friend  and colleague, Cassandra King.

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Below, I’ve pasted the announcement that appeared on the homepage of the Widener Law site:

Robert “Bobby” Justin Lipkin, Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law on Widener Law’s Delaware Campus, passed away on Thursday, February 18th. The Widener Law community’s thoughts and prayers are with Professor Lipkin’s loved ones. We are shocked and saddened by his passing and share their grief. Bobby Lipkin was an exceptional individual, a good friend, and a respected professor. His passing is a substantial loss for the entire law school community. He will be missed by all of us privileged to have known and worked with him.

On a personal note, my intention as webmaster at the Law School and as someone who loved Bobby dearly, is to preserve this site as a tribute to Lipkin the thinker, Lipkin the philosopher, Lipkin the pundit, Lipkin the scholar.

I  admit: my heart is broken. I bawled like a child when I first heard the news.

I miss Bobby terribly.

I am in shock over his passing.

However, his spirit  lives on and his musings and writings will be preserved here for everyone to re-read or to discover anew.  It should be noted that Bobby touched many of us with his passion for teaching, his deep respect of his profession and his students, his enormous heart, his deep sensitivity, and his sharp sense of humor.

Bobby discovered his passion for blogging back in 2006. He had approached the subject very timidly and with a slight hint of techno-phobia. The fear of technology quickly vanished, as Bobby found himself blogging almost daily since October of 2006. He performed double-duty: not only posting to ECA daily, but contributing to Jim Chen’s Ratio Juris.

Bobby and I would meet formally in my office to discuss tweaks and fixes to his blog. As the consummate perfectionist, he had a very clear vision for what he wanted his blog to look like, read like and ‘feel’ like. Our formal meetings always (de)evolved into truly fun, informal exchanges of ideas, opinions, baseball, politics, jokes, sports, popular culture, Jews (him) and  and Puerto Ricans (me), atheists and religious zealots, kooks and geniuses, and everything in between. Both he and my dad were Brooklyn College alumni, and that shared history would sometimes open up to a stream of amusing tales from his college days.   He loved his wife and daughter, mentioning  them often in our talks. He loved his cat; in his post Is There a Legal Remedy for the loss of a cat? he mourned to loss of his Siamese cat to tainted cat food. He loved his baseball; in one of my favorite posts, he recounts being at the game where the Dodgers won the National League Pennant in 1956; in another post he recounts  the journey of Harlan and Joba Chamberlain.

I could go on and on, as Bobby was a man of so many passions and interests, so many ideas; it is   difficult to distill his person, his personality, his being in a few descriptive sentences here.

I consider myself blessed to have been in his circle of  friends and colleagues. Bobby was   a kind-hearted soul, a thoughtful person, a great professor, a loving husband and father.

I love you and I miss you, Bobby.


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