Is the United States Any Longer Governable? Was It Ever Governable?

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on September 18th, 2009

This may be an overly saturnine observation, but it seems that the United States is no longer tmpphpqztyju[1]governable–if by “governable” one means implementing the positions that win elections. The current Health Care Reform crisis is one of many such examples, but there are others also. Indeed, it’s a good test case. If we get a bill will it be one that favors the people or the Health Insurance companies? Four out of five congressional committees reported bills including a public option. One would think a public option is a sure thing. Right? Not necessarily. This fiasco turns off even those citizens who for the first time and who turned out en masse to support a candidate for president. How will this president reward them? Bold, courageous action is required, not politics as usual.


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