The Time for Attempting Bipartisanship is Over

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on September 1st, 2009

Despite his best intentions President Obama’s attempt at consensus and bipartisanship over health care reform is over. In order to achieve bipartisanship one needs a partner willing to embrace tmpphpHC3m8k[1]bipartisanship.  The Republicans have no interest in doing so. Defeating Obama is more their taste. It’s now time, it’s now well past time, for President Obama to fashion a Democratic bill, including the public option, if he hopes to have a health care reform bill at all. I admire the President’s attempt at consensus, but consensus cannot be the final end in itself, especially when something as critical as health care reform is concerned. If one has the votes, but lacks a partner, one must act alone, which is unfortunate, but it’s necessary all the same. What we haven’t seen is Obama, the fighter, and as in any political struggle sometimes fighting is all one has. In short, politics is war by other means. Ultimately, Obama will be judged by how well he can wage war over this definining. essential issue.


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