David Gergen’s Curious Assessment of the American People

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on August 24th, 2009

On Anderson Cooper’s CNN on healthcare yesterday, August 23rd, David Gergen insisted the AmctmpphpFUKsSS[1]erican people would never embrace a single payer system. We’re too unlike Europeans and Canadians in simply not trusting government enough to run such a healthcare system.  We’re too rebelliousness and anti-authoritarian to tolerate such government control.  Maybe so.  But how then did Americans tolerate the virtual constitutional dictatorship of the Bush-Cheney administration in spying on Americans and in President Bush’s extraordinary use of signing statements turning that practice into a virtual line-item-veto.  Americans will never accept governmental control of healthcare, but will gladly embrace a soft dictatorship concerning governmental control of privacy. Something doesn’t compute here.


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