What’s Wrong with Canadians?

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on August 11th, 2009

For the life of me I can’t figure out why Canadians tolerate their government-controlled, socialized health care system. Americans would never tolerate waiting years for emergency surgery, government controlled physician-selection, paying exorbitant prices for prescription drugs, and a plethora of additional evils.tmpphpstmdWx[1] So what’s wrong with our cousins to the North? I suppose the problem began with Tommy Douglass, the premier of Saskatchewan in the 1950s who started such an evil system in his own province.  But why did the entire nation follow such madness, especially when they have  the exemplary model of a health care system to their south of which 80% of their southern cousins approve?  OK, OK, I’ve distorted some of the above information. Many (most?) Canadians would revolt if their health care system were transmogrified into our health care system. But then why are Americans lied to?  Does anyone know a balanced treatment comparing the virtues and vices of both Canadian and American health care systems, which includes such facts as these: (1) The United States spends 16% of its economy on health care but ranks 37th in the world in satisfactory health care, (2) Canada spends 17% on administrative costs, but the United States spends 31%, (3) In Canada waiting to see physicians can be longer than in the United States as can waiting for non-emergency surgery, (4) Over 40 million Americans have absolutely no health care, and when they get sick and go to the emergency room, their health care treatment costs everyone a small fortune, oh yes, I almost forgot, (5) In Canada everyone is covered under its health care system.  (See what taking health insurance companies out of the mix can do?) If anyone has a citation to an impartial comparison of the Canadian and American systems, I’d welcome receiving it at: RJLipkin@aol.com. Thanks in advance.


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