Gates, Crowley Suprise! Or Was it Obama’s Surprise?

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on July 31st, 2009

After the beer “summit” Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley have agreed to more conversations about the issues that have drawn them together.  Is there a documentary is the works? Even if not, this surprise respite–assuredly orchrestrated by the pretmpphpA5pbwQ[1]sident–was just what the nation needed. Two men, thrown into racial conflict, decide to engage in deliberative conversationalism about the conflict and what it means for the nation’s nation future. The specific facts are still not clearly known, and it’s difficult, at least for me, to dispell the notion that an arrest could have easily been avoided even if Professor Gates acted indignantly, and I’m incredulous that the arrest would have occurred at all had Professor Gates been white and Sgt. Crowley been white, but perhaps these points should be left to the two men in their subsequent conversations. Race, racial profiling. racism still plagues this nation. Despite how horrid the term “teachable moment” is, this is just the sort of event that can begin a national dialogue where winning is not the point. Reconciliation is.


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