“Saint” Michael: America’s Need for Gods, Saints, and Heroes

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on July 7th, 2009

Whatever one’s views of Michael Jackson are as either an entertainer or as a human being, why must we sanctify him; indeed, in this catmpphp4o8zvr1.jpgse, why must we divinize him? At best, he was a pop innovator, a superlative entertainer, and a unique, if mysterious, personality. At worst, he was a tortured soul physically abused by his father, whose abuse might have inclined Michael to have committed the sexual exploitation of children. But even he we soundly reject this latter depiction of him, how does the more positive conception warrant the current sound and fury, glorification, and preoccupation over his death?  Certainly, it says more about us and our compulsive need to divinize mortals than it says about Michael Jackson. Each of us will interpret the “Saint Michael phenomenon” in his or her own manner. But what we should all worry about is why we need to sanctify him at all? Even conceding his talent and innovation why should Michael Jackson be transformed into the god, Saint Michael?  Don’t we do a disservice to him and to ourselves by insisting on this deification?

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Comment by Darvon McDonald
2009-08-04 19:31:58


Michael Jackson was proven INNOCENT in the court of Law. Please do not judge. Get to know the man. stop listening to the B.S. Media who brainwashes almost everybody including yourself. Michael has suffered enough in this world. Please don’t crucify him more. WHY has Michael sold more then $20,000,000 albums since his death? Because people finally got it that hey, THIS MAN HAD TALENT. Please leave him alone. ALL he wanted to do was Heal the World. In my opinion… MICHAEL IS A SAINT.

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