What’s the Republicans’ Game Plan?

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on June 22nd, 2009

We all have our blindness, but I cannot fathom the criticism that President Obama should be acting aggressively in supporting the Iranian demonstrations beyond calling for the cessation of violence and out solidarity with the Iranian people.  Anything the President does potentially damns the Unittmpphpcisynx1.jpged States and harms the demonstrators. Comparing our action in Eastern Europe or the Philippines with current events in Iran makes no sense. Eastern European countries were fighting the Soviets, nationalism reigned against an evil oppression. We did not have a history in these countries as the great Satan. In the Philippines, we were the good guys and had much more leverage. The situations are simply comparable. Yet, the Republican stridently urge President Obama to side with the reforms thereby unifying the entire nation against us.  One can only suspect the Republicans want failure. How else can their irresponsibility be explained?  What good would it do to interject ourselves into a rebellion that it owned by the Iranian people not by any foreign nations especially ones that have played such a dark role in this history of Iran. Perhaps, the Republicans want the wrath of the Iranian leadership and the reformers unleashed on the United States to justify military action against Iran. Is this was Bush-Cheney would do?  Is this what insanity demands? Keep in mind people are dying in the streets. What should the U.S. due provide the Iranian dictatorship with even greater justification from its perspective to kill its youth? Shame on these arm chair warriors.


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