The Ravages of the Mexican Drug Wars

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on March 30th, 2009

The Mexican drug wars threaten potentially devastating consequences for both Mexico and the United States. Fueled by America’s pathological addiction to drugs and guns, the border has become riven with violence and death. The prohibition of drugs has failed even remotely to be effective just as prohibiting alcohol failed even remotmpphpxxgq531.jpgtely to be effective decades earlier. De-criminalizing drug use takes the profit motive out of the sale of drugs. The attraction of drug dealing is made possible by its illegality. The alternative–regulating and taxing drug production and distribution–is not an inherently attractive prospect; it is simply a better solution than the failed “war” on drugs. Political sanity requires the capacity to appreciate realistic solutions to social problems. Keep drugs illegal is not a realistic solution. How many more devastated lives will it take before American politicians will muster the courage to face the scourge of drugs?  One final note. Integrally tied to the Mexican drug wars is the easy access to sophisticated and deadly firearms. Unless and until Americans develop the determination to impose strong regulations on the manufacture and sale of firearms, the war on drugs will continue to be ineffective. From a practical political perspective, regulating or eliminating guns might require a judicial re-interpretation of the Second Amendment or the Amendment’s repeal. But if that’s what it takes, let’s get on with it. 


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