A “Beyond Historic” Turnabout in New Hampshire

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on November 28th, 2006

Democrats and pundits have been intoxicated over the November 7th election results. However, without some additional evidence, November 7th can easily been seen as an anomaly. A sizable number of independents were, perhaps, outraged over the War in Iraq. But that can easily change once some type of resolution of that conflict is put into effect. It won’t be plausible, in my view, to insist that a sea change in American politics occurred until evidence of broader disenchantment with Republicans is presented or when traditional bastions of conservative sentiment turn blue. David Broder perhaps has identified such evidence. For the first time since 1874, Democrats now control the New Hampshire state government. This is truly an historic indication that change is underrway. Republican leader, Tom Rath, went further insisting that the democrats victory was “beyond historic.” If New Hampshire can change its red stripes in a single election, then what about the nation? These results are significant. But before we buy more blue paint, observers should ascertain the precise character of this astounding switch in one of the most conservative states in the Union.


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