America, the World, Require a Reckoning

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on February 3rd, 2009

Is it morally conceivable that the Obama administration will fail to pursue some institutional mechanism for determining whfinal1.jpgether George W. Bush is responsible for war crimes? The moral core of American values requires a reckoning. Even if the former president is never tried, the United States must take it upon itself in whatever venue possible to set the historical record straight on whether torture was authorized at the highest levels of American government.  The understandable instinct to move forward especially in light of the intractable problems facing the new president must be resisted for the sake of the nation’s honor.  We can more forward only after we take account of our past misdeeds, and we should never forget that George W. Bush’s misconduct is our misconduct. The precise character of the reckoning is far less important that thee fact of a reckoning. Call the endeavor “truth and reconciliation concerning possible war crimes committed during W.’s presidency.” Rule out criminal sanctions in advance. But something needs to be done for the moral character of the nation.  For an informative article on this matter click here.


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