Never “Misunderestimate” W.

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on January 13th, 2009

George W. Bush has managed to become a transformative president after all. Consider how he has single-handedly metamorphosed presidential security surveillaf.jpgnce by alerting us to the possibility that shoes can be used to injure and insult presidents.  Of course, we already knew that shoes can be used as bombs on airplanes.  But now we also know that they can be used as missiles, of a rather ineffective sort, to insult visiting heads of states at press conferences. Did W. attempt to explain away the incident by saying that it’s the price we pay for freedom? If he did, he couldn’t have been serious. Could he? Throwing shoes at people even in a free country constitutes assault–and if the attempt is successful–battery.  Free countries typically have laws against assault and battery. Or am I “misunderestimating” W.’s remarks?


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