Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on November 4th, 2008

Citizens of the United States of America go to the polls today in record numbers to begin a fundamentally new direction in the American experiment. (Click here.04memo2190.jpg) Will the poisonous rot of the contemporary Republican Party remain in place or will the Party be punished for permitting itself to be hijacked by the most dangerous, the most divisive, and the least constitutionally faithful president in American history? If the polls are accurate predictors, Barack Obama will become the forty-fourth president of the United States.  The American people, however, should keep in mind that an Obama victory, even an Obama mandate, will be ineffective unless each individual supporting Obama appreciates the necessity of finding a place on their everyday “to do” list a category labeled “political participation.”  Voting every two, four, or six years is not enough.  A movement must be created that will make sure that the forces of darkness are kept at bay.  These forces derive from an attitude deeply entrenched in every American constituting an obdurate insistence that “I’m right and you’re wrong,” and that my political responsibility is to beat you, dominate you, or eliminate you.  You are not merely my opponent; you are instead my hateful enemy. Unless we acquire a sincere respect for our opponents and until the necessity for principled compromise resonates deeply in the American spirit, Obama’s victory will be short-lived.


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