Will the Republicans Steal the Presidency Again?

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on October 24th, 2008

With Senator Obama steadily increasing his lead over Senator McCain, the single most important worry is whether the election will be conducted fairly. Or wistolenvote10201.jpgll the Republicans steal the election as they certainly did in 2000 and probably in 2004 also? (Yes, I know that some legal academics have engaged in sophisticated cognitive gymnastics in their attempt to justify the Supreme Court’s intrusion into the 2000 campaign. But sophistry is sophistry called by any other name.) My only hope is that Democrats have already amassed an army of election specialists to prevent the theft of the presidency once again. The reliability of voting machines must be the first priority. Second, preventing election workers to refuse legitimate voters their right to vote is a close second. Behind the scenes of November Fourth lies troubling questions of whether voting every two-four-and six years is a satisfactory method of keeping the people involved in self-government.

The American decentralized method of conducting elections is rife with actual and probable defects.  And keep in mind the theft of the 2000 election caused the calamitous eight years of the Bush-Cheney administration.  The Constitution must be revisited to guarantee that individuals who serve as the Chief Executive of the United States are, for better or for worse, the people’s choice. Vigilance and prompt remedial responses to attempts to illegitimately prevent voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote are the key to the integrity of an election that certainly will certainly determine the future of democracy in the United States.

Click here for the New York Times‘ compelling endorsement of Senator Obama.  Here’s a critical sample of the endorsement.

It will be an enormous challenge just to get the nation back to where it was before Mr. Bush, to begin to mend its image in the world and to restore its self-confidence and its self-respect. Doing all of that, and leading America forward, will require strength of will, character and intellect, sober judgment and a cool, steady hand. Mr. Obama has those qualities in abundance. Watching him being tested in the campaign has long since erased the reservations that led us to endorse Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries. He has drawn in legions of new voters with powerful messages of hope and possibility and calls for shared sacrifice and social responsibility.


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