ECA is Delighted to Welcome Guest Blogger, Henry L. Chambers, Jr.

Written by Robert Justin Lipkin on August 10th, 2007

Henry L. Chambers, Jr., is a Professor of Law at the University of Richmond School of Law. ABefore coming to the University of Richmond, Professor Chambers held the James D. Rollins Professorship at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law. The Chicago-Kent Law Review will soon publish his article Dred Scott: Tiered Citizenship and Tiered Personhood. Representative works of his include: Recapturing Summary Adjudication Principles in Disparate Treatment Cases, 58 Southern Methodist University Law Review 103 (2005); Colorblindness, Race Neutrality and Voting Rights, 51 Emory Law Journal 1397 (2002), A Unifying Theory of Sex Discrimination, 34 Georgia Law Review 1591 (2000) and Enclave Districting, 8 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 135 (1999). His varied academic and research interests include constitutional law (with particular emphasis on voting rights), employment discrimination law and criminal law. Since 2002 Professor Chambers has been a member of the American Law Institute. ECA is happy to post his piece “756, and the Desire to Quantify” on the occasion of Barry Bonds breaking the great Hank Aaron’s home run record. His post immediately follows.


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